Financing Program

United States government with cooperation with US banks have developed financial program to support US manufacturers. The underlining principle behind this program is the assistance in financing export contracts for US manufacturers and foreign importers. This allows foreign importers to receive necessary financing for purchase of goods, services, and equipment produced in US.

Any foreign partner can participate in this program, preferably with stable business in place in their home country. Such business should be able to present all the necessary documents and have ability to demonstrate that the purchase of US-produced products, commodities, or equipment will increase their business throughput and ability to generate higher profits. This information will greatly impact credit-worthiness of their company.

Foreign partner must be able to make initial payment on the credit anywhere from 5% to 20%. The debt repayment schedule will be calculated uniquely for each project. The repayment schedule will greatly depend on business plan, risks, ability of debt repayment and other project specific factors. It is our job to prepare you and your documents for the best outcome. Annual percentage rate (APR) will wary greatly, but minimal index start at 3.8%.

On average it takes 60 days from application date to receive financing.

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