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About Us

GNA, a company based in Orlando, Florida, USA, provides a wide range of services to individual inventors, manufacturers and distributors of innovative technologies. Our team of professionals has 8 years of experience in introduction of new projects to the markets. GNA is a commercial entity that aims to provide organizational, legal and production assistance to inventors, working on development of consumer goods.

A list of our services include:

All stages are part of the program for Inventor to utilize. A custom service package can be created, where inventor can pick and choose some or all services.

Our Goal

In order for invention to reach consumer market, it needs a "driver", often the financial support as well. Our company is the "driver" behind the invention. We assist inventors in going through each step towards final stage of the process. The implementation of the invention can be risky and difficult for a single inventor, as a result, only a small percentage of useful product reaches the market. To prevent this, we have developed several affordable solutions to reduce financial and other risks.

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