Investors Search

Our company helps entrepreneurs looking for funds to meet investors interested in financing of their projects or needs, such as:

At some point, they found themselves disappointed in the national investors' abilities, and have decided to try looking for an investor overseas. For these entrepreneurs we found as we think the best solution.

Our solution

In the USA there are several 'venture exchanges' where investors and entrepreneurs meet each other. With us you will get an access to these 'exchanges' and a database of business investors carrying over 103 billion dollars totally. There are thousands of investors representing both Angel Investors and Venture Capital Sources; among them there are:  Interwest Partners, Diamondhead Ventures, Spacerest Management, ECentury Capital partners, LLR Partners, Liberty venture Partners, inc., Wheatley Partners, Enertech Capital , Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, KBL Healthcare Ventures, Insight Venture Partners, Cross Atlantic Partners and Crosslink Partners, etc.

How it works?

Pattern A. Our company provides only services without creating a joint venture.

  1. We prepare your investment request according to the information you provided us in your resume
  2. We expose this request among the investors in the database. Your company summary stays covered until an interested in your proposal investor request such information. In all other cases, we do not allow brokers, investment banks, service providers, or even other entrepreneur to read the summary. We work with real investors only!
  3. As soon as we get an investor who wants to get in touch with you directly, we will send you a notice, and provide you with the full contact information of the investor. At the same time, the investor is granted with your contact information.
  4. Normally, we provide our service under the contract during a year, or until an investor is found within the term of the agreement.
  5. Entrepreneurs must perform their own due diligence on each investor. After satisfactory due diligence is performed by both entrepreneur and investor and investor, both parties will work together to negotiate an investment deal.
  6. Our charges for this service consist of Service and Award fees that we determine at the Service Agreement.

Our recommendations:

  1. Write your business plan according to the international standard system.  Please, follow the link for additional information about correct writing of successful business plans

    Investors will 'read' your business plan in a specific order – covering the Executive Summary, Management Team, and Financials first. Organize your business plan so investors can quickly understand the key points and goals that will lead to a YES.

    The problem you are solving (why is your company's product / service NEEDED):

    A business plan is not a technical white paper – do not tell investors every feature of your product / service – tell them why a customer NEEDS the product and what problem you are solving for them.

    Your sustainable competitive advantage (why you will SUCCEED where others have failed): -

    Never say 'we have no competition' - no matter how innovative your concept, the investor you are presenting to will have most likely seen something in a similar market. You need to demonstrate what sets your team apart and the unique selling points that will lead to profit.

    The true market opportunity (how many CUSTOMERS can you reach): -Quoting market researchers is not enough – it is important to show that analysts believe that the market will be 'big,' and more important to show how trends in the market (government regulations, new technical standards, consumer demand) will deliver customers.

  2. Be ready to have an English speaking specialist in your team, as the subsequent communication will be undertaken only between you and the investor.

  3. Prepare all documentation in English. It is a requirement; otherwise you will not be recognized as a serious entrepreneur.

Pattern B. We create joint ventures with our partners to carry out their projects.

There are following conditions under that our company opens joint ventures with other companies:

If our company makes a decision to create a joint venture with you, we guarantee that during a year we will find an investor interested in your project. Joint venture with us gives you certain benefits:

We perform the following functions as a partner in a joint venture: