Corporate Resume

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Global Net Advantage, LLC was founded in 2001 as a limited liability company. Central office is located in Orlando, Florida, USA.

CEO - Georgiy Melnikov.

Key Underlining Principles of Our Business Model

Business Directions

  1. Business project financing for foreign partners.
  2. The organization of any international legal business activities or deals for our foreign partners through the possibilities of the American legal entity. This includes documentation, licensing, certification, banking, financial and tax support for each business transaction and the resulting profits distribution among its members.
  3. Exposure and sale of any competitive product by our foreign partners in the U.S. and other countries.
  4. Organization of Internet commerce through U.S. financial institutions.
  5. Evaluation of technical projects and inventions. The introduction of new technologies.
  6. Patenting.
  7. Wholesale.
  8. Representing the interests of foreign partners and the provision of organizational and legal support to foreign companies and individuals in the United States.
  9. Imports of goods and equipment.
  10. Observing Local and International laws, ensuring confidentiality and reliability of secured transactions.
  11. Assistance in finding profitable Investment Projects
  12. Financial Transactions
  13. Investment in US Economy as well as assistance for Investors and Partners in obtaining proper visa documents and/or permanent residency in United States
  14. Organization for foreign Businessmen to visit various exhibitions, trade shows, forums, and educational or research institutions. Assistance with obtaining proper visitor visas.

The company has extensive experience in financial intermediary in securing, both, short and long term business contracts. Such as; providing help in securing ongoing food supply from Asia to Africa; supplies of Brazilian sugar to several countries in Europe, Middle East, and CIS; supply of olive oil and wines from Eastern Europe; Import of Argentinean meat; supply of Liquor products from countries of Former Soviet Union to US; and supply of seafood from Russia to several European countries.

Global Net Advantage is exclusive distributor of Bradley Technologies (Canada) Inc to Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Company has organized dozens of Internet storefronts that utilize various US payment systems to accept credit cards. We have evaluated hundreds of projects; some of the products received patents and were implemented in manufacturing.

Global Net Advantage executed dozens of orders for Import of Gas-Oil minding and other related equipment; including Government contracts.

The company acted as broker for several real estate investments in Europe countries. GNA organized several exhibitions for artists around the world with the help of Embassies from various countries.

The company has strong relations with business organizations, financial groups, sports, social, public and political organizations in many countries - Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, with the countries of the former Soviet Union and other .

Additional partner information you may obtain from us ONLY with written consent from our Partners or Clients. Obtaining this information is governed by U.S. legislation on confidentiality and our corporate non-disclosure Privacy Policy.

The information about legal entities and financial transactions of private US companies is corporate secret. Unauthorized disclosure of such information is punishable by law.

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